Agrihoods: Northern Colorado’s Newest Development

Colorado is known for healthy living and Agrihoods are the newest health trend to hit the Centennial state.

Agrihoods can be defined as Agricultural Neighborhoods that offer environmentally friendly housing with sustainable living. The blend of farms or community gardens with residential developments is at an incline, especially in Northern Colorado. While prices of homes are increasing, these communities can offer single family, duplex, townhomes, and apartment living ranging from $250,000-500,000. With over 29 million Americans living in food desserts, Agrihoods can offer community organization, crime prevention, cultural opportunities, educational opportunities, food production, health benefits, and more green space to urban life and agriculture.


According to Amia, the Millennial generation is larger than both the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers making up about ¼ of the US population. The Boston Consulting Group states that they wield about $1.3 TRILLION in annual buying power aka THE MOST SPENDING POWER OF ANY GENERATION. What does this have to do with Agrihoods you ask? Let us tell you. If you’re in the marketing biz, you’ve probably had it rammed into your brain that you should be marketing to Millennials. This is the generation with great concern for the environment, product/brand perception, and health concerns. The growing interest in fresh, local foods alone are helping these communities turn into this generation’s golf course. Agrihoods can open a variety of doors; farmers markets, concept restaurants, craft brewing, food trucks, and even how grocery stores are shaking up their appearances and presentations.


While I could continue to speak about the advantages of Agrihoods, there are also disadvantages. How these communities are operated simply depends on the community itself. Increased HOA dues are a concern. While some of these Agrihoods will have higher HOA dues, others offer volunteer hours to lessen the fees, and others are simply free. Water is another concern. There may be charges for annual fees, or perhaps usage can be split between everyone in the community.


As a resident, how are you guaranteed that ALL measures are being taken to conserve water? How would you prevent your produce from going missing? Farming in and of itself, is a lot of work.  We are all aware of the plight of the American farmer. Does the average joe have what it takes to properly run a working farm? Could this hurt local farmers, or increase their revenue through appreciation?


Agrihoods not only provide a local food source but nourishes and cultivates the community as well.


Northern Colorado Agrihoods include Bucking Horse development in Fort Collins. It is currently one of the top 12 “Up and Coming Agrihoods” in the nation. It will offer trails, community gardens, and a working farm among single and mulit-family homes. They also hope to partner with restaurants located in Jessup Farms. Fort Collins is also home to Happy Heart Farms. They offer single and multi-family housing with 3.5 acres for CSA farming.

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